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Affects of Girl-World Bullying

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We all know about the mean girls Emoji, the popular girls Emoji and the nerdy girls Emoji. I, personally, find them all mean well, sometimes the nerdy girls aren't but who's keeping track. My friend gets called mean things and all that because she is pretty, outgoing (clearly people are jealous) and she is small for her age so people think they can just take her over. I am sick of them.

I find that most tweens and teens are truly two faced and just plain mean. One minute you are doing everything together and giggling and whatnot then the next, world war three is on. This just doesn't make sense.

Today, I interviewed Finaa, saku3 and Redhottay.

Smile255: Have you ever been affected by girl-world bullying?

Finaa: Oh yes, mostly in highschool. I had horrible rumors going around the school mainly in freshmen year. But I am sure there were many going around in sophmore year too. Most of the people are out of highschool now.
saku3: No, can't say that I have.
Redhottay: Yes, I have. More so when I was younger because I was a little bit of a "pushover" and was out to please everyone else, and people took advantages of that.

Smile255: How did it affect any relations ships you had? (family, romance,friends)

Finaa: Well, I have never been really close with my family and only have like 2 or 3 real friends. But my relationships were kind of unstable because of the rumors about me.
saku3: Since I haven't been bullied, I'd have to say that no, it hasn't affected any of my relationships.
Redhottay: My family and friends actually started to get upset with me at that point, because they would tell me I had to stand up for myself and that was something I wasn't good at. Even if I would try my hardest, it seemed like nobody ever happened to be "watching" and wouldn't believe me because I would always fail in the end. I've grown a lot as a person since then though, and I don't let anybody push me around.

Smile255: Did you ever think about ruining your life? (ending it)

Finaa: Oh yes, quite a few times. When you are angry and hopeless and feel like you have nowhere to turn to. Life seems like it would be better without it at that moment. Girls can be awful, highschool is a terrible place.
saku3: Nope.
Redhottay: No, I never thought about that. There were certain people who really helped me learn that people couldn't push me around and that I was stronger than I was being, so no.

Thank you guys for answering and I hope everyone sees how this affects girls and everyone around us.

~ Smile255


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