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The Nightmare

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I am an 11 year old girl, just depressed all the time and have no friends. I feel lonely at school and at home. I feel that everyone doesn't want me here, even my brother and sister. Tonight I felt like running far, far away from here. I started to run as fast as I could, suddenly I fell and couldn't remember anything and I was dumb enough to sleep.

As I slept I saw an old abandon house, wolves coming towards me so I quickly ran inside and looked for food. The inside of the house was beautiful! But there was no electricity in the house so I kept my eyes open wide and found a candle. It was freezing cold in the house and I ran upstairs and saw a red, black and white room, it reminded me how beautiful and pretty my room was. I kept saying out loud "WHY? WHY DID I HAVE TO ESCAPE?" As I went fully inside the room I closed the door but then remembered no one would come. I reopened the door and saw a bed and started to cry.

One hour later, I finally stopped crying and woke up in my bedroom and was relieved! I walked downstairs and saw my parents and my siblings. As I went back upstairs to pick out what I was going to wear, I saw a girl in my bed she said, "Did you have fun in my house?" and she laughed . . . I was terrified; I saw a knife on my night table. I was slowly walking towards my bed trying to reach the knife, suddenly the girl got out of my bed and yelled, "Adios Loser!!" and she jumped out the window. My heart was pounding and when I went to my window, I saw her body on the ground and she was smiling at me.


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