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30 Going on 30

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Today while working on the Times the movie "13 Going on 30" was on TV and it got me thinking . . . that for the first time, I'm perfectly content with where I am with my life. I am 30 going on 30.

Last Sunday was my 30th birthday. A lot of my friends have freaked out over this birthday. I think they feel that it marks the beginning of getting older. Our culture is obsessed with youth. We're always trying to emulate the cool young generation (that many of you reading this are lucky to still be a part of!).

But the fact of the matter is, that no matter what age you are, there are struggles and there are triumphs. When you're in high school, you're trying to find a way to fit in, to get good grades, and to start being independent. Then you get to college and you begin to figure out who you are going to be, what your career will be, and maybe searching for that special someone to spend your life with. When you graduate, life gets real. You're on your own and broke. But you're finally starting to live your life the way you choose.

As life goes on we make mistakes, we learn from them, and we move on. It's hard sometimes to be grateful for the moment you're in, because we're always thinking about what is next.

Last weekend I had the best birthday I've ever had. We went to the zoo with a group of our friends and their children, then out to dinner at a casual grill that had live music. It was perfect. And as I sat there looking around, I realized that I've never been happier.

I'm living in the now. I'm grateful for everything that I have right now. Of course I have plans and hopes for the future. But today is the day. And I encourage all of you to try and find a way to live in the moment. Because you'll never get that moment back.


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