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Hello guys! Welcome to the first article of "Make Me Over". Now this was a series made up by awesomenesstv on Youtube. It's usually hosted by Macbarbie09 or Missglamorazzi. It's a fantastic series, that helps people find their style and cute outfits. I decided to bring this to the Times. Each week I'll be glamming up a Whyvillian, helping them find an outfit they feel comfortable in. So let's see who I made over this week!

Honeybbz9 meets Thinmin12

This week I made outfits for Thinmin12! Thinmin describes her current style as casual and simple, tank tops and leggings. Her celebrity style icon is Jennifer Lawerence. Thimin is looking for cute but comfortable outfits for her cousin's wedding. Now weddings are great occasion, and I love dressing up for them. So let's take a look at the outfits I picked out for Thinmin12.

Outfit 1

Collar dress - Modcloth
Flats - Modcloth
Bracelet - Debenhams
Ring - Alexendermcqueen

Now this is actually my favorite of the three! Thinmin12 was looking for something cute, and the collars on this dress are adorable. The color is also very flattering. Sticking to the whole comfortable feel, this dress is a skater dress which is really comfortable. Moving onto the shoes. Now I choose some really cute rose gold flats, they compliment the peach dress. As she's looking for something comfortable, these flats are perfect. The bows and detailing of the shoes, dresses up the outfits. Who says you can't wear flats to weddings?! Jewelry is a must when it comes to dressing up. The collars on the dress, have silver detailing. To bring out the silver, I added a really cute silver bracelet. Along with the bracelet why not a cute ring! This ring is absolutely gorgeous!

Tip of the week: If you're looking for a cute dress, one that has collars is perfect! It gives you that girly yet cute look.

Outfit 2

Dress - Monsoon
Flats - Yox
Necklace - Anntaylor

I wanted to also go for a long dress look. This dress is a lot more comfortable than a strapless long dress, so it's great for Thinmin12. I choose red, because it's a fantastic and bold color. I also used flats for this look. The waist area of the dress is silver, so these silver flats are perfect. They give the outfit a glowing and edgy look. You can't go wrong with a statement necklace. This necklace is so elegent and cute, it goes perfectly with the dress. I also added some silver bangles, which look great! This is also Jennifer Lawerence inspired. I've noticed she wears a lot of longer dressier gowns.

Outfit 3

Dress - Booho
Heels - Farfetch
Necklace - Riverisland

This outfit would look great! I've gone for a bodycon dress, with a slinky pretty edge. The fit of this will be absolutely great, on so many people! It's so flattering, and the color is really amazing. Now I thought heels would look great with this dress. I understand Thinmin12 would like to feel comfortable, with her new outfit. As a result of this, I avoided going for thin long heels. Instead I went for this chunky heel, which I can assure you are way more comfortable and easier to walk with. The heel is also pretty decent size so it's not too long. For jewelry, I chose a gold chain for this dress. Gold chunky chains are really fashionable, and really make the outfit a lot cuter.

Those were the three outfits I made for Thinmin12. Leave your comments on the BBS, stating which outfit you liked best. And which would fit Thinmin12's expectations. If you would like to be featured in my next make me over, mail me your current style, and what you need me to help you with. Until next time, bye and have a good week!


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