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What's Happening With Whyville?

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Would you know what website I'd be referring to if I said that it has 7,525,344 current registered accounts, is completely free, and has amazing reviews from its own users? Perhaps not, because the Whyville we know today is not the Whyville we knew years ago. No, this is a much-improved, much-deserted version. So what is it exactly that's happening with Whyville?

The answer lies in the above collage. Many of Whyville's chatrooms are going to waste because users are migrating, and have gradually been, to fewer ones. The beginning of this stage of Whyville was when chatrooms like Sun Roof, South Beach, and Woods became the only inhabited places on Whyville. Whyville circa 2009-11 was chock-full of Whyvillians, and in places some newer citizens would have never thought. Some popular places were Waterfall, Grotto, the Nutrition Center, South Beach, Sun Roof, and Woods. Today, Whyville's popular chatroom is Woods.


But there is hope. Whyville does not have to continue dwindling into the nothingness that seems inevitable -- no, Whyville can be what it once was. Do you have a blog? Advertise Whyville there; write a few paragraphs about Whyville. And not only will that help increase traffic flow, but you could be rewarded a prize -- Whylitzer! Have you got younger siblings? Introduce them to Whyville, encourage them to introduce their friends.

There are many possibilities to get more people interested, but bringing Whyville back with a bang will take a lot of the current users, too. Why do you enjoy the chatroom that you use? Think about it, and if you come to the conclusion that it's simply because other people are there, branch out. As they say, monkey see -- monkey do. Sure, if you stay at South Beach for an hour, chances are no one's going to notice. But don't give up just yet, give it time. The transition to Woods didn't happen all at once, and neither will a transition to any other chatroom.

Remember, Whyvillians, if you're complaining but you're not doing anything to change the way Whyville is, you're part of the problem too. And perhaps the problem isn't due to users migrating at all, but rather, users being lost. If that is indeed the issue then fixing it will be near impossible. Other social networking sites are hiking their ways toward the top and leaving virtual educational worlds like Whyville behind. And that, my friends, is called evolution.


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