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You're Mine

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here i am now, thinking about him,
funny moments i spent with him,
sad moments too,
I don't know why i am too nervous around you.
all i can see is your face now, don't care about anything else
why can't we just hold each other's hands and just fly ourselves
? i know that's not possible, but it is if we try
i just want to be the one for you, and you'll be mine.
yeah, you are mine.

you know, when you talk to me, i feel like i got the whole world with me,
but the next moment when you leave me, i feel i'm so lonely.
i always think about you, before i fall asleep,
thinking about your funny secret, i promise i'll alway keep.
i'll bet you don't know that I love you, but i really really do
nothing can make me leave you, because i can't ever afford to.
can you say "hey,i love you too"?
i know that's not possible, but please can we once try?
i just want to be the one for you, and you'll be mine.
yeah, please say you're mine.

every single time i see you, i feel like i'm at moon.
do you think for me it's too soon?
there's no right time to say i love you.
hey, boy, listen to me. i love you . . .
I LOVE YOU . . .
yeah, it's the truth. i know you're the one for me.
that's why i don't want to or need to be in a queue . . .
all i know is, i am in love with you . . .
i'll be the one for you, you'll be mine . . .
yeah. you're mine.


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