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Author's Note: I will be having more writing contest this summer! Stay tune for prizes.

I live my life everyday being thankful because I have everything I've ever desired. I have a home, loving parents and a university to attend, but there are some people who can't have some of those or anything at all.

This is why I always do a good deed because I believe it will make me a better person and it can definitely improve someone's life. Whether it's donating your old clothing, your old furniture or time to your community. It makes people happy because they know that somewhere out in the world there is someone who cares and wants them to have a comfortable and full filling life.

For this contest I'm opening I'm asking you to write about a good deed you did and why you felt good after doing it and if possible, sharing the story of how it helped someone you know about. After you have written your good deed I will then ask you to share it with all of us Whyvillans on the forums. The first place winner will get 250,000 clams! Yup you heard right 250,000 clams just for writing an experience of a good deed you did. The other four winners will get 5,000 clams for their efforts. So, what are you waiting for? Get writing that good deed because I know we have all done a good deed in our lives.

Directions and rules for the entry:

Your good deed will consist of writing a mini vignette1 and writing about a good deed you did for your family, a friend or even a stranger! Remember to share an experience, as it will let you make an emotional connection to the reader. (I like connecting to my author emotionally, it makes me feel like I understand them and agree.)

1 Vignette: A vignette is a small short story that focuses on a moment of a certain story.

What I'll be looking for in the your mini vignette: (minimum 200 words minimum, yes I will be checking)

1. Explaining your good deed you did.
2. Why you choose to do this good deed
3. Do you know who you did the good deed for?
4. Is there a reason why you might of selected a certain person or organization?
5. How did you think your good deed made a difference to the place or person?
6. What did you feel?

All of this is what I'll be looking for when you y-mail me your post. Please do not post them on the BBS unless you want to, but please note that I will not be checking the BBS for your entry.

Deadline is Wednesday May 14th, 2014 at MIDNIGHT Pacific Standard Time

Also, I'll be posting my mini vignette with all of you when I publish the next article. Thanks for reading and good luck to all entries! Writing is so much fun and I hope you enjoy doing this for the big price of 250,000 clams!

Announcement: Loco Literacy Nights will be returning on May 31st, 2014 @ 7:00 PM PST. Top 5 storytellers will get 5,000 clams. This is a fun event to attend and it will be the 3rd event I have hosted. For more information please y-mail me with the subject: Loco Night


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