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Hey guys! As you can see, I'm planning to do a weekly comic for the Times. In my comic, you can ask to be featured or ask a question and I will answer it. HOWEVER! There are rules, considering I'd like to keep this PG and an all-ages kind of thing.

Also, the art program I will be using for all my comics is Paint, which is on all Windows computers!

Rules for being featured:

1. You can ask to be featured 3 weeks in advance. This means that maybe you wont be in the next Times paper, but you might be in the week after that and the week after that. Every 3 weeks, I will pick 3 people who've mailed me to feature in the next 3 weeks.

2. I WILL do a BG check. Basically, I'll ask around people's opinions of you, check your forum posts, and your City Records. I'd like to feature friendly people and if you aren't - I won't feature you!

3. Please understand that I cannot do everybody. I pick 3 people at the beginning of the 3 weeks and erase all the other messages. Please be kind if I don't pick you that few weeks, you can always try again!

Rules for questions:

1. MUST BE APPROPRIATE. I cannot stress this enough. If I deem your question in any way inappropriate - this includes giving personal information, harassment, insulting other civilians, or anything else - it will not be answered and it will immediately be deleted.

2. Questions have to follow the topic I presented. At the end of each comic, I will give next week's topic for questions. Topics include, but are not limited to: Schoolwork, friendships, bullying, pet care, general information, world news, pop culture, or media.

3. Again, please understand I can only do one question a week, and if I don't get to you I'm very sorry. Don't be discouraged if you aren't picked one week, because you might be picked next week if you send me another question.

Extra Information:

Featuring a person does not require me to know what you look like. Please do not send me any personal information because the only things I will be using is your username and whatever your avatar looks like.

I think that's about everything! I'm very excited to hear you guys' questions and feature you. Don't be shy, mail me!



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