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Make Me Over

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Hello guys welcome to this week's "Make Me Over"! This week I made over autumnlov, a fantastic Whyville poet! She describes her current style, as casual but also dressy. She likes oversized clothing, and cool jewelry. Autumnlov would like some new outfits for summer, things she can wear to the beach and still look great. So let's see the outfits I picked out of her.

Outfit 1 - The kimono

For the first look, I decided to go for a kimono. Kimonos are fantastic, to wear around the beach and dress it up. With it I paired some white lace shorts, and a plain cami. I took into account that she likes funky jewelry, so I added this super pretty statement necklace. When you're on the beach, you're going to need some protection therefore I added a pretty sunhat. For footwear, I picked out these awesome sandals that really compliment the kimono!

Outfit 2 - The maxi skirt

For the second outfit, I decided to go for a pretty maxi skirt. This one is absolutely fantastic, I love the ocean blue colour. With it I went for this turtle neck crop top, I really like the whole maxi skirt crop top look. I also added this super funky necklace. For shoes I went for some brown wedges, and to top it off this really pretty hat.

Outfit 3 - High waisted skater skirt.

For this third outfit, I went for a high waisted denim skirt. I love the wash of this skirt, and you can wear it in so many ways. To go with it I paired it with this pink top, I look how they both go together. I then added a simple necklace, and some comfortable flat sandals. This is a perfect outfit to wear in summer, when hanging out with friends.

That's all for this week guys! I hope you enjoyed this make me over session. Let me know in the bbs which outfit was your favourite, I'll see you guys next week. If you would like to be featured in my next "Make Me Over", be sure to y mail me. Thanks for reading and have a fantastic week!


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