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Whyville and Me

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Out of nowhere I decided to log on to Whyville, the first time in months today. I don't know what brought me to do so.

Logging on made me realize how much Whyville has influenced me. It helped me learn and grow through my middle school years. I learned how to type quickly because I wanted to be able to chat with the cool kids that hang out in corner of the screen at Waterfall. I also discovered my true love, writing, because of The Whyville Times. I was able to learn how to write from extremely talented writers and dedicated readers who would comment on my work. How grateful I am for that.

Without Whyville, I wouldn't have been able to survive sixth through tenth grade. I made so many friends when I didn't have any at school. I had friends I could confined in. Friends to support me.

I'm currently about to end my junior year of high school. I have finally been recovering from my addictions with the help of a therapist, my boyfriend, friends, family and God. And I can truly say that I have never been as happy in life as I am now. I'm on track to graduate high school in May of 2015. I've also been working part time at a sports store saving up money for college. I stuff homework between days off and practicing my violin in hopes to be a part of the All-State orchestra for my senior year. I received my scores from my SAT and started examining colleges. I've been applying for scholarships left and right, hoping for a four leaf clover. I've been researching majors and have narrowed it down to a major in Psychology, specializing in eating disorders, and a minor in Music or Creative Writing. I plan on moving onto my master's in Psychology after receiving my bachelors.

Without Whyville I wouldn't have discovered my love for writing or helping people. The forums planted the seed in my life. A seed that wouldn't have been planted by anyone else. The forums have also taught me how to form a valid opinion in heated discussions.

I am forever in debt to Whyville and every Whyvillian I was able to meet. I'll show up every now and then but my life has taken off on a rocket ship.

Thank you Whyville!

Signing off for not quite the last time,


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