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Make Me Over

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Hello guys! Welcome to this week's, "Make Me Over". This week I made over angel9978 - a very good friend of mine. This make over session was a little different. Angel was having trouble styling a pair of shoes she bought. They are white crotchet slip ons from Charlotte Russee. She needed inspiration on how to wear them. I personally think the shoes are cute and would look great with so many things. She wanted casual outfits that she could wear to school. Let's see the outfits I picked out for her.

Outfit 1

For the first outfit, I picked out a simple boxy tank top. I paired it with some leather trousers. I also added a plaid shirt that you can tie around your waist. To finish it off I simply added a black bandana.

Outfit 2

For the second outfit, I picked out a simple black skater skirt. These are fantastic for dressing up and down. I paired it with a stripy tank style top. I wanted to go for a little edgier look, so I added a denim vest jacket. I think it compliments the outfit perfectly. I also decided to go for a simple necklace, this is suitable jewelry for school. I feel the slip ons dress down the outfit. The fact that they are white make it look fresh and cute for summer.

Outfit 3

The last outfit is prefect for the warm weather. The wash of these shorts is absolutely amazing! To go with it I added this super cute, daisy tee. To finish it off, I added a necklace. The shoes go perfectly with this look.

I hope you guys liked all the outfits. Let me know which one is your favorite. If you would like to be featured in my next "Make Me Over" don't hesitate to mail me.


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