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Summer Ideas

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Although summer is my favorite time of year, without school, I soon get bored out of my mind! I start wasting my days on the computer or watching week long Sherlock marathons. I think everyone knows that it's fun at first, but then I just get sick of staring at a screen. Instead of loosing brain cells, here are some awesome ideas on what you can spend your summer months on this year without breaking your wallet or your bored mind!

1. Go outside! You can do anything from go to your own backyard or a city park. Usually these places are free, and they are tons of fun with your family or a few friends. Going outside gets your blood pumping and your mind racing, and great way to say "bye-bye" to your boredom! Search your garage or your local grocery store for a ball or Frisbee; most of these toys are inexpensive and have tons of games you can play with them. For example, play "Ultimate Frisbee" with a few of your friends in a field or play ground. If you don't have a Frisbee, ball, or other toys, use your legs! One of my favorite games is "Infection." In this game one person is "it" and they must run to tag the other players. Once they tag you, you are infected and must help them tag the other players.

2. Read a book! Not all people are fond of reading, but for those who are, there are unlimited numbers of books you can read this summer! If I were you, Id go to the nearest Half Price Books (there are almost everywhere!) and look through the shelves. "Half Price Books" is a great place to get cheep, gently used books. If you don't have any books in mind the employees have some great suggestions, or you can go to goodreads.com. Good Reads is a great website! First make an account, then rate books that you have read in a scale of one to five. Then it makes a list of books perfect for you! Check it out!

3. Look online! There is all kinds of things in your area, if you're only willing to look! Just search "Events in (your city or state here)."

4. Have a marathon! TV and movie marathons are super fun once in a while! Places like Netflix, Hulu, Half Price Books, Barns and Noble, other book stores and just online websites have several seasons of your favorite movies and TV shows. Invite some friends, pop some pop corn, and watch until the sun sets! For some suggestions check out Doctor Who, Sherlock, Starwars, Disney, Super Heroes, etc.

5. Keep in touch with friends! When you miss them, even just Factiming a friend can make you smile. Try to get together with your friends often. Have a sleepover or plan a trip to the mall. Not only will it help you escape boredom, but when you get together once school starts you will be just as close as when you left!

Hope this helped in your quest to fight boredom! With these ideas and your own, you will have the best summer ever and always have something to do! Although going out and doing things is fun, make sure to take time to just hang out for a little while; is that not what summer is about?

This is Dreamgr22 signing off, have a great Summer of 2014!


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