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Let Go

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I will not let go, cried the girl at night.
I will never let go,
she swore; holding on tight.
Her tears kept falling as a reassurance of this.
I will not let go, cried the girl that night.

I will keep you here, she stated outright,
This isn't the end. Not tonight!
With hands clasped together on the edge of an abyss,
I will not let go, cried the girl that night.

You are stronger than this, she hollered with fight.
(But I grow tired in time, she thought in spite.)
With a struggling heart, the end she resists.
I will not let go, cried the girl that night.

A voice whispered letting go is all right,
Sometimes we have to, even despite.
In contradiction the truth is amiss.
But I cannot let go, argued the girl that night.

A stirring began, a fire ignite.
She knew what she needed, but lied; feeling contrite.
It's hard to move on and hurts to dismiss.
I'm afraid to let go, confessed the girl that night.

Then the time came with a blinding light.
She fought and screamed with all her might.
With an inevitable end she called it quits,
And the girl let go in that shadowy night.


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