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Rising from the ashes,
I'm still alive.
Wiping away the tears in my eyes.
Sweat beads my forehead as I struggle to stand,
Being buried like this was unplanned.
You look at me like you're shocked I've returned,
You went on a mission to see that it was I that burned.
Your plans were futile, because here am;
Coming in like a lion, and departing like a lamb.
I'm not the way you remember me,
Weak and fragile for the whole world to see.
I've got guts and I've got a spine
I'm not afraid to tell you that you've crossed the line.
My jeans are torn and my hair is tangled
My soul no longer feels strangled.
I can breathe in the air without fear of being criticized,
No longer will I let myself be victimized.
I'm rising like a phoenix out of the fire,
You can't tear me down, I'll only get higher.
Spit your words and hurl your insults,
But they won't get you any results.
Everything you've ever said about me now show as battle scars,
And they're as beautiful to me as the night stars.
I endured so much pain and suffering because of you,
These scars remind me what strength and resistance can do.
I'm high above the clouds, out of reach . . .
My heart, you will never again breach.


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