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422 Days

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It's been a long time coming, what I have to say
For 422 days I've felt this way
I didn't want to tell people because it would make me look weak
I didn't want my quivering voice to speak
And the embarassment - the humiliation!
Masking and protecting my deveastation
This shouldn't have happened to someone like me
A typical girl - at least that's who I tried to be
Everything changed from that moment forward
I've been stumbling in the dark with nothing to go towards
I've lost my creativity and ambition But mainly I've just lost my intuition
I never saw it coming and I didn't know what to do
You never imagine it happening to you
I see it every time I close my eyes
Fresh wounds form when old blood dries
Over and over, a monotonous film roll
Gradually, over time, has taken its toll
I hear the voice (so loud) in my ear
I remember the knots in my stomach, twisting with fear
I can feel the grip; I can't break free
Is this really what's become of me?
Telling wouldn't do any good
Even though I probably should
I - I just can't. Nobody understands
I'm thankful no one can really comprehend
It means they haven't had 422 chances
Where their heads run races and hearts perform dances
It means they're typical girls, at least that's who they try to be
They deserve to be happy and deserve to be free
But I've lost my freedom and any power
I've been trampled on like a wild flower
I wilt and get scared because in the end
I'm just this girl who can't even tell a friend
422 days have come and gone
I've survived each dusk, making it to dawn
But maybe I'll need 422 more
To feel how I did way back before
Sure, it's been a long time coming, yes that's true
But maybe this is something I just can't do
I can't handle what would happen if anyone knew


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