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It's hard to find places with plus size clothing that are cute and make you look and feel good. The best place to find plus size clothes is online even though you can't try them on because they have a lot of choices that are worth taking a risk for. This week's website is Lanebryant.com and I have just came across this website and I have already ordered a bunch of things! Here are some cute things I have found on this website:

This cute graphic tank says "weaving together life love and fashion" and the best part is that there is ribbon and rhinestones on it. I love how it's short in the middle and long on the sides of the shirt to make it more stylish and comfortable.

This long chiffon style skirt is very comfortable and pretty. It has a stretchable waistband with a short skirt that goes about to your knees and a see through covering to your ankles. If the skirt is longer than your legs just tuck in your shirt and pull up the skirt a little bit and it will still look good. The best thing is that it's lightweight and can be casual or elegant.

This graphic t-shirt is actually an activewear shirt but can be worn as a casual shirt too. It is lightweight and appealing with the metallic looking number 98 on the shirt. It also comes in black with the number 14 and white with the number 07. Pair this tee with your favorite pair of jeans or your workout pants.

Lane Bryant does have stores and has a website. There are sophisticated, casual, elegant, and active clothes throughout their stores and site. I like how they have sections in the types of clothing, you can look at sections for certain occasions or type of style.

Author's Note: I did use some words from the clothing descriptions, other than that it's all my words. All pictures are from LaneBryant.com


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