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Taylor Swift: A Fashion Icon

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As some of you may know, Taylor Swift is my role model. I don't love her music only, but her style of clothing.

When she started her career back in 2006 as a country music artist, we found her really adorable in her signature look, that was an elegant dress with necklaces with either lace up shoes or high heels. She also liked wearing a silky tiered skirt or a floral one with a sparkly headband. Over all, these looks were considered "girly".

Here's a picture of her signature look. We found her in this look in her debut self-titled album in 2006, "Fearless" in 2008 and in "Speak Now" in 2010.

A few years ago, Taylor straightened her hair and somehow her look was completely changed by then. We found her in straight hair in her fourth studio Album, "Red", in 2012.

Here's a picture of her straightened hair in the American Music Awards in 2013.

Although not every one gave a very good feedback to her straight hair, she didn't undo it! And went on with it!

Now in 2014, her hair is shortened. And her look is really matching good with it.

Taylor in the Golden Globe Awards, 2014!

So, here is a pic of her showing both her curly and straight hair!

I'm sure a lot of you girls adore her style! I love both of her looks, the older one and the newer one. Anyway, hope you liked it and we just will have to wait for "The American Sweetheart's" upcoming album this year and see her style in that!

Have a nice day!

Signing off,

Author's Note: All pictures except the first one were found on Google.com and the first one was from Kidzworld.com


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