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Easy and Affordable Red Lip Tutorial

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Hello Mangorox here with a tutorial on how to get an easy and affordable red lip!

These are the products I will be using today:

(from left to right: e.l.f lip lock pencil in clear $3, jordana easyliner for lips in sedona red $2, wet n' wild matte lipstick in stoplight red $2)

First step (which is optional but gives better long-wearing results) is to line the outside of your lips with the e.l.f lip lock pencil. This pencil works wonders, it's basically like a lipliner but clear so you can use it with any lip color. It makes my lipstick last all day and keeps it from moving.

Next line your lips with a lip liner that is the same color as the lipstick you will be using. Lipliner is VERY important when it comes to wearing bright or darker lipsticks as it makes everything look neater and nicer.

Next apply your lipstick, you can either apply it straight from the tube or as I like to do, apply it with a lip brush.

And voila! You can use these steps with literally and lip color to achieve the perfect lips.

(in the top photo I added a dark red lipgloss just to give it some shine)​


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