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Summer has appeared suddenly,
And you were caught off guard.
Scared to wear short sleeved shirts,
Afraid to reveal that you're scarred.
Struggling with body image
As other girls prance by in short shorts and crop tops.
It's bikini season, and you hate being reminded,
It's hard not to be when they're in every shop.
You feel gross, you feel self conscious
You wish you could feel comfortable in clothing like that.
But let me tell you something right now,
You are not ugly, and you are not fat.
If you think something is cute, wear it.
Don't let society's image of a perfect body stop you.
Wear whatever will make you look in the mirror and say,
"Today, this world, I will pursue."
Wear makeup if it makes you feel good,
Or don't; it's your decision.
Hold your head high and feel confident in yourself,
You are beauty, you are a vision.
People will talk, but who doesn't?
Everyone talks about everyone, it's sadly a social norm.
But you're warrior, I can see it in your eyes,
You're not one to easily conform.
No more crying late at night in front of your mirror,
No more grabbing the extra skin on your body.
You are who you are for a reason my dear,
And who you are is what you embody.
You are purely unique,
There will never be someone like you.
Flaunt what you have with a smile,
Take pride in everything you do.
You are a shining star,
Made out of pure gold.
Someday someone special will come around and see it too,
And beautiful love will unfold.
But until that day, no more crying,
No more scars.
Promise me you'll be strong and love yourself,
And have a shining fury in your eyes, like the god of Mars.


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