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Hypocrites Among Us

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Oh, there are hypocrites among us;
There are ten out of every ten.
But those of them to mistrust,
Are those daring to pretend.

Are you calling this behavior just?
That, no, it does not offend?
Because you're looking an awful lot,
Like the bully you resent.

Are you saying it is the right thing,
To antagonize those you hate?
Then wake up every morning,
To fight the bullies you most relate?

You're not the angel in the painting,
Nor the knight carved of stone;
You've never surpassed in charity,
The sheer malice you have shown.

So you've helped one or two,
Leaving their lives happy and intact.
To that I say good for you!
But tell us: Why the contract?

No one owes you their life,
In return for your kindness.
Charity is not a game of dice,
And it won't hide shamelessness.

You are a bully of a certain 'pedigree';
Doing right to feed a burgeoning ego.
No kindness is handed out for free.
As the poor reach out, you are quick to let go.

You wear your charities like badges,
Serving as proof; you have bragging rights.
No thump in your chest; you're heartless.
Gaping blackness throughout your insides.

I beware the likes of you,
Those to have out-Heroded Herod.
Fortunately there are but few,
To deny they are severely flawed.

Please crawl back to the dark chasm,
That loosed you upon this earth.
Take with you you're toxic aggression,
And leave us to our mirth.

Take with you all your sheep,
As they applaud your every pinion.
Without you they are incomplete;
An empty head with no opinion.

Oh, sleep well tonight,
After reading this clause:
You have very little might,
Without a resounding applause.

Our hands are not clapping,
As we are no longer amused.
So you best start packing.
We're sick of the abuse.


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