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I thought you only knew how to embarrass me,
That's why I always kept blaming you, for everything.
While the other kids were goofin' around,
I had to stay at home to make sure that you
Took your pills in time.
I hated it, I missed my old life.
But never ever could imagine that
You had a few days left, in your life.
I remember, it was June 30th,
When the doctors said,
"We can't do anything, anymore".
I clearly saw dad was shedding tears.
I didn't know what it was all about.
I asked him what was going on,
Dad held my hand said nothing, my sweetheart.
But it was so after you had closed your eyes.
Since that day, I never had to look after you,
But I lost the meaning of my life so easily.
I cried and called you, but nobody responded.
It's been a long time since this happened.
Now, Mom I've grown up.
I'm going to be in High school very soon,
How I wish you could see me,
But I know you are always keepin' an eye on me,
Wherever you are.
I hated you Mom, I bothered you Mom,
But I really miss you now.
Dad's moved on, but I never can.
I realized the hate of me towards you,
Were meaning I loved you so.
Why did you have to go?
I can't do anything,
But love you 'til my last breath.


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