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Last summer I was not ready to go home from college for three months. My friend suggested I keep myself busy with enjoyable things. So of course I had to think of something to make for her. With my paint sitting in front of me, it hit me. Do my first ever full out water color painting for one of my greatest friends ever, which at the time I thought I was just doing a simple animal.

20 questions later, I settled on an orangutan. I first sketched out the orangutan in pencil on a regular piece of paper, then I used a tracing board to transfer the outline over to cold pressed water color paper by using my water color set. The paints are by angora. I have had the same set since I was eight and never thought to use them for anything other than personal use. Having the orangutan down I thought it could use a few leaves. I used the same process as before and noticed that it was uneven. So, I added more to the other side.

A month into summer break I still didn't feel satisfied with a couple big leaves and an orangutan on a blank white "canvas". Doodling on my summer homework I realized I could turn those doodles into a cool full out jungle background because it was now much easier to fix my mistakes with the pencil method and "tracing" with paint. Something was STILL missing. The entire paper was covered in paint, but what was it? Making the usual trip to the craft store I saw it . . . a cute little frame. Trimmed down and ready to go for my friend, I could not have felt anymore proud of myself. Four years ago when I started painting for the first time since I was eight, I would have never thought I could achieve something this well done. I only thought I was capable of silly little flowers and grass. With a little inspiration and a lot of determination anyone can produce their best work. Good luck to future artists!


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