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Fate: Part One

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The fierce wind tore at the rocks on the north side of the small mountain; the place where I thought about tough decisions. It is not very clear why, I just did.

I guess it would have to be because some of the best memories happened here. This is where I learned to ride a bike, learned to drive. I don't know why they were good memories, though, because some of them were pretty tragic.

I just needed to think. I mean, thinking helped calm me down. I thought about my life: who I've hurt, who hurt me, the deaths I've seen. The deaths were the most horrible. One of my most haunting thoughts was when my fate was decided for me.

When you are 13, your parents must choose your fate. They can either kill you, or send you away. They can also keep you, but that can lead to execution. Either theirs or yours. If you were found out about. There were some rules though. If you were born with the number zero as the last digit of your birth year and your parents kept you, your parents would be killed. If it ended in 7, you would be killed. Any other last digit had to be decided by a judge. My parents decided to do what their parents did. They sent me away. They didn't like death, and wished it upon nobody.


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