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How to Wear Colored Eyeliner

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Hello Mangorox here with yet another tutorial. Today we will be discussing colored eyeliner and mascara. Now I know this isn't the 80's but it is still okay to experiment with color as long as you don't overdo it.

First I am going to start off with my eyeshadow. Now it is important to remember that whenever you are using a bright color that the rest of your makeup is simple and neutral. So today I am using this palette from Wet N' Wild.

​First I applied a matte cream color (the teal heart) all over my lid and then I applied a matte light brown color (the red heart) to my crease and blended it out.

For the first eyeliner look I decided to use a teal cream eyeliner by e.l.f. cosmetics

I used an angled eyeliner brush to apply it to my top lid and wing it out.

​For the second eyeliner look I used a purple eyeliner by Jordana and applied it to my lower lashline to add a little pop of color.

​Next I'm going to show you how to use colored mascara in the most flattering way. I used a blue mascara by Maybelline.

​When using a colored eyeliner I wouldn't suggest applying it to all of your lashes, I am going to be applying it to my bottom lashes only.

This is optional but ​I then added a blue eyeshadow by wet n' wild to my lower lashline to give it a little 'oomph' and viola. I hope you enjoyed.

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