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Getting the Clams

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Getting the Clams

by amanda
Times Columnist




Hi, everyone. I'm here today with an article on clams. Some people have a lot of trouble trying to earn them. It's really easy. So the people who need to know how to make clams, read here.



  • Spin Game: Try to make the object spin faster. They faster you get it spinning, the higher pay you will get. This is added onto your salary to make it higher.

  • Skater Game: Try to get the skater to spin as fast as you can. The faster it spins, the more clams will be added on to your salary for the next week.

  • Sun Spot Puzzle: You have to choose a city and try to answer the times when the sun rises and sets on the city you chose. The clams will also be added on to your next week's salary.

  • Alien Game: Oh, help Maive find his aliens! You will get clams for each one you find. They also will be added onto your salary for the following week.

  • The BBS: Answering postings and writing your own will get you clams too. They again will be added to your next week's salary.

  • E-mail Quiz: If you send in your e-mail address, and answer the question right, you will receive 20 clams right away.

  • Voting: Vote for a face, house, room and new town name for Whyville. You will receive 10 for each of them.

  • Plots: You will get 20 clams right away for picking a plot and building a house, plus some for furnishing your room.

  • Beta Test Bonus: You will receive 30 clams for trying this cool car game.

  • Pick Your Nose: Yes this gives you clams too. So earn some clams doing that.

  • Bonus: There are bonus things appearing all the time. So, check back for them.

Don't worry. Once you get them, you won't need help spending them. Ha ha ha. To all those who needed help getting clams, I hope you get a lot, and become rich! It's fun to have a lot of clams. So hurry up and do those things now. The faster you do them, the faster you'll get clams!

This is Amanda signing off.

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