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Colorful Eyes

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Hello! Today I am going to be showing you how to create this crazy colorful eyeshadow look. This is definitely not for everyday but hey you could rock this anytime if you wanted!

So first off I am going to prime my eyes with a Maybelline color tattoo in 'too cool'.

​Then I took a teal color from an Elf palette and applied it all over my lid.

​Now to create the cut-crease (I forgot to take a photo of this step) I took a black cream eyeliner with a fine-tipped brush and basically traced out my crease. After that I took a black eyesdadow and blended outward making sure not to blend with the blue eyeshadow.

​I then took a hot pink eyeshadow from the same Elf palette and applied it on the outer part of my bottom lash line. Then I added a green eyeliner to my waterline and also my inner lashline. For some reason the pink is turning out more red in photos but I can assure you it is pink.

​Then I applied my eyeliner and mascara, and viola!

I really like how this turned out and I hope you did also.

​P.S. My eyelashes look horrid, they did not want to cooperate with me today.


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