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Hello everyone, Zebra here, and I've been pretty bored lately, and I need to practice my handiwork with a mouse on the computer, so I have decided to offer to draw portraits of your Whyville avatars!

I'm an aspiring artist, and hope to work in the animated movie industry, so working more with online programs is a great place to start. Help me practice by letting me use your avi as a subject for my art, and I'll post it here! An example of what it might look like would be this (this is my current avatar):

​It will only be from the bust/waist up, as you can see. It will also be flat colors (which means no shading or big detail work). I don't plan on doing many at a time, seeing as how just this little sketch takes about 20-30 minutes, and I don't plan on spending hours on this. I will draw 1-4 people per Times issue, depending on how many of you would like to be drawn! I WILL to drawings of the same person on multiple issues IF, your avatar has changed significantly, and someone else who hasn't been drawn yet hasn't asked for a spot.

Now, any good artist does not work for free, but do not worry friends! I am not expensive, considering these drawings are very basic and don't require too much effort. If you apply for a spot, a fee of 1000 clams is required. Some other rules include:

- I will NOT draw lower than the waist/bust/bottom of shirt.
- I will NOT draw anything I find unsavory or inappropriate.
- I will draw medals, floating objects if it fits in with the picture. br> - I will not be convinced out of the fee; no artist works for free, please have respect and understand that drawing and coloring takes time and effort and artists should be supported in some fashion for their work.
- I will NOT draw more than 4 people, that'd be 1 1/2 to 2 hrs of work, and trust me, one only wants to work on something for that long if it's important.

Thank you all so much for reading, and I hope some of you will sign up to be drawn! Have a wonderful week.



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