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I have two pets: a cat and a chinchilla. I've had my chinchilla for almost five years now, but my cat has only been with me for about five months. I rescued my cat, and bought my chinchilla from the pet store.

Sienna, my cat. (Sienna meaning clay earth)

Info: She's about six years old, and I rescued her from a kill shelter. When I first brought her home I had to rub medicine into the cuts she had on her head from the other cats batting at her. She's an absolute sweetheart; I've never seen her act out of aggression. My chinchilla actually loves fighting my cat . . . or more so beating her up; Sienna refuses to do anything back to her. It's cute and just goes to show how sweet this cat is. I love my Wolf-Kitty (I call her this, because she draws out her meows into a howl and her teeth are elongated.)

Stormy, my chinchilla. (Stormy based on the hues of her fur.)

Info: She's about six years old as well. Chinchillas live an average of 21 years, which is a lot for a small animal. Stormy is a big, spoiled brat . . . but I love her. I typically have her sit on my shoulder as I walk around the house doing chores or watching television. She has to be let out of her cage for at least an hour a day, or she grows restless and stir crazy. She will do absolutely anything for a raisin, and if she's ever stubborn about going back in her cage, I simply put out the dust bath (the pink house-shaped objected she is in) and she jumps inside so I can place her back in her cage. I'm so attached to Stormy, it's almost insane . . . and I'm growing like this for Sienna as well.


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