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Whats up? Like I said on my last article, I would finish showing you each of my cats. You guys already know Thunder, Grey Joy, and Barry (Impy's name got changed.) But instead of showing you the rest, I'll show you them all! They're about 7 months old now, and it's hard to believe how big they are now!

Thunder: He's pretty much the leader of the pack; anything he does, they all do. He is also a troublemaker. He is currently very sick, and we've been taking very good care of him. Don't be fooled; he may look tough, but he's been beaten up by the smallest cat, Debby. Thunder is one of the two boys.

Rolo: You probably know, Rolo is MY baby. I've spoiled him to death and he does nothing but lay around all day. he's also one of the two boys. Rolo also will steal treats from the others.

Larry: Larry is a sweetheart, but she is also the only one in heat, which makes it ten times harder for me. Larry looks like Debby, but you can always tell them apart by their face structure, and Larry has 2 white spots on her neck and her stomach. (Larry is on the right)

Debby: Debby has a very strange profile. He is all black, and she doesn't like attention (most of the time). The only time she will let you pick her up is when she is in heat or when you are wearing my pink robe.

Barry: On my last article, her name was Impy. But we decided to change her name to Barinous, or Barry. She doesn't have much of a personality, but she is always wanting attention, pretty much the opposite of Debby. She does look similar to Rolo, but smaller.

Grey Joy: You may not recognize her from my last article because I couldn't get a good picture of her. I couldo nly get a picture of her face. She is like the mother of the group; she goes around to every cat and cleans them. She also has been so attached to Thunder because of how sick he is. She is also the one you do not want to mess with, because Thunder the brilliant cat starts fight with her all the time and always loses.

Rasputina: Last, but certainly not least, is Rasputina, or Rasp for short. She is the princess of the group; always cleaning herself. She is a beautiful long coat that even impresses the other cats. She was the last one born, and had a few incidents a few days after birth in which she almost didn't survive. She doesn't like to be picked up, but she loves to eat. Yes, you heard me right, loves to EAT. She steals the other cats treats and overeats, which is why she is a little chunky.

Now, do you want to see the two oldest pictures of them I have?

This is a few minutes after Thunder was born.

This is Rolo when he was about a month old.

I would just like to say thank you so much for viewing my articles! It really means a lot to me. Stay tuned for more articles!

Much love,
Tytref (A.K.A Raven)


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