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It's that summer season (not so much in Michigan) and what is better than being able to capture a vibrant rainbow after a nasty storm? This particular day was never-ending with the rain, however, it was kind enough to stop for just a slight moment to allow me to get a good shot of the rainbow overlooking the marching band members at the high school I used to attend. The sky was pretty nasty looking, but part of the sky that is not in the picture was clear of all clouds and it allowed the sun to beam through. I often go to the marching band practices to gather some photographs for the conductor to hang in the classroom and this one is the overall favorite by far. I like to believe that they had some guardian angels looking over them that day!

Here are some facts about the weather phenomenon of rainbows!

- A million or more droplets of water have to be present in order for light to refract to create a rainbow.
- The degree of angle needed to create the correct refraction of light to produce a rainbow is 42 degrees to the eye of the person looking at the rainbow.
- The seven colors in the visible spectrum (ROYGBIV) were discovered by Isaac Newton.
- Rainbows are most common to occur in the morning or evening, but rarely at noon.
- Rainbows can occur after dark and are called moonbows! Instead of using light from the sun, well, it uses the moon!
- Two people never see the same rainbow due to everyone is standing at a different angle from the light refraction.

Author's Note: The blur in the middle of the stadium was to hide the name of the high school I used to attend.
Sources: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration


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