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Ladies, You Need This

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So, a few girls have asked me recently, "What do I need to put in my purse for school?" Seeing as these girls are younger, I was honored that they asked me. Their main concerns were that they were just starting puberty (yes, the p-word) and they weren't sure what to expect. I told them not to worry, and gave them a list of things they could put in their bags to help them out if the time ever came unexpectedly.

These are essential items for any lady to have in her purse, and I thought I'd share with you all. Starting in descending order from least important to most important, here are my top 10.

10. Lip balm
9. Mints or small hard candies (Bad breath after lunch? I don't think so...)
8. Floss (Nobody wants salad in their teeth.)
7. Compact mirror
6. A pen
5. Small notebook
4. Flashlight (I have one on my keys.)
3. Small makeup pouch (Contents: eyeliner, travel makeup remover pads, and nail polish)
2. Kleenex (During this time of your life, you NEVER know when you're going to cry.)
1. Panty liners and tampons (So what if you haven't started getting your period yet! It could come at any time. You need to be prepared.)

You can find most of these items for less than $5 at most drug stores, Target, Walmart, Dollar Stores, and Five Below stores.


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