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A Trip to Remember

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Last Friday, I was checked out of school by my older sister. I was unsure why I would be, but I was rushed home to pack. Soon enough, we were in the truck picking up my dad's sister. I was told that my grandma was very sick, and was transported to a hospital. I was shocked from this happening, and we would be in Florida in nearly 14 hours.

It was a very long and tiring trip, but we made it at 4 AM, and spent the night at my grandma's house getting a few hours of sleep. In the morning, we visited her. She was in a very terrible condition, my heart saddened that she was like this. I stayed in the family room, and decided to go outside to take pictures. Luckily, it was the perfect time.

A few days later, we were taken to my other aunt's house. My sister and I slept in a king size bed, and we watched movies with a huge surround sound tv. It was luxury to us!

Our cousins took us to a walk on the beach. I am used to the ugly brown water, and seaweed covered sand in Texas. But Florida is a lot different! The breeze brushed off from the water, and you get the amazing scent of the beach.

The beach isn't just full of tanning people, and sunburnt tourist, it has a lot of life! I saw all kinda of birds along the water shallows. Spots of the beach had deep spots that act like ponds to all the birds too! The worst part is the bird poop, and you get a lot of that on these beaches!

These are some extra photos. Since my app is kicking off and on, I don't have time to write all about it. Most are from the beach, but some are from the park and hospital.

I had an amazing time at Florida, though my grandma is sick, it was nice to see all my relatives again. This has inspired me to enjoy every moment, and enjoy it while it last. I missed Florida, and my grandma very much, and I'm glad to have seen it all.


Author's Note: As of Setember 14, she was prounounced, an angel. RIP Grammy.


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