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One of the most challenging parts of being a writer is coming up with an idea of something to write about. I have found that the best way to brainstorm is to talk about it with your friends or family. What topics do you talk about on the bus? Or at the lunch table? These are all great topics to write about. Your best writing comes from things that you are really interested in.

So I want to start an open dialogue, where we can share ideas and hopefully inspire each other to write!

I watched "Pitch Perfect" again the other night. I love that movie! I really wish I could sing . . . but I'll live vicariously through the movies! I also love the show "Glee". Do any of you participate in show choir or an acapella group? What are your favorite memories? Do you have advice for someone wanting to get involved?

My husband and I are really enjoying our sweet baby boy. I can't believe he's already almost 4 months old. We both come from big families, so we are hoping to for more children. Do you have a big family? Or are you an only child? What are the benefits of both?

I've started to get back into the gym, and am having a lot of fun. I do best when I work out with a group of people. I think it is because I used to be really involved in team sports. What ways do you stay in shape? Do you try to exercise every day? I try to park in the back of the parking lot and walk. If you do it every time, it starts to add up!

These are just a few ideas. Things that I have been talking about in my own life. What are some topics that interest you? Inspire yourself and fellow writers by sharing in the BBS.


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