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DIY: Disney Costumes

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Halloween is coming around the corner, which means it's time to come up with some costumes for your trick or treating needs! Sometimes Halloween costumes might not be very cheap, even if you go to a place known for their lower priced Halloween costumes. No need to worry this year about spending your hard earned cash on a costume. Why not create a costume from things you already own? Basic staples from your closet can open up so many opportunities for Halloween. Get some use out of your basic t-shirts, and make a statement. I've come up with a few Disney themed ideas to inspire you to create your own costume!

First off, I've put together a simple Minnie Mouse costume. Minnie Mouse is a classic Disney character that has been here for several decades, along with several decades of being a Halloween costume. You can simply use a long sleeve/short sleeve(depending on the weather) black t-shirt to make the look sleek, pulling together with a red skirt or tutu to give it a pop of color. Having shoes to match the top or skirt makes the outfit come together. The classic mickey ears you got from disney when you were younger can now come back for a visit.

Second outfit I've created is a minion from the movie "Despicable Me". You can take a basic yellow t-shirt, and pair it with some denim overalls. A very simple look to replicate with pieces from your closet. A pair of black combat boots give an extra edge to this cute costume, along with some black gloves. The black goggles are a signature look to a minion, so grab your swim goggles to make this look a splash!

The third outfit I've put together is Kim Possible. One of the beloved shows from the early 2000's can make a comeback from your closet. All you need to pull it off is a black t-shirt, some green leggings or jeans to give it the effect of cargo pants, and some black shoes. If you want to add a bit to it, try a brown belt, and black gloves to make it all work together.

The last ensemble I have is Phineas or Ferb. This is a two in one, since the characters work together. A simple yellow t-shirt, purple leggings, black converse, and a bow-tie can make a simple yet stylish ferb. Any orange top, blue jeans, some converse, and a bowtie makes a Phineas even cuter than the show!

I hope that you are inspired to pick from your closet this year for your costume.


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