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3D Sculpting

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Alright guys, I was searching for drawing apps (or sketching) in the AppStore, and I found this 3D sculpting app. It's pretty fun and I suggest trying out a tester first, it takes a few tries! I'm making a ogre today. If you'd like to see more of these, tell me and if you have suggestions, I'd love to hear them. Although, this app comes with certain models which you transform so I can't do all. I'd prefer to do things with the head or body, but yeah. If you want to see a full scale of some, I can try, but I'm not the best.

It's a great time waster and fun to make someone really skinny or overweight, or have big bongos, then you preform plastic surgery.

Anyway, getting on with the tutorial. I'm basing this kind of off of Shrek. In future articles, I'll do something of my imagination and create backgrounds for people but not today (you guys could even suggest a background story for me).

First off, you'll need to create a few colors yourself, so press the paint button and do whatever colour you prefer. I'll be doing a almost army green with a darker green as lips and accents.

So it starts out as a normal head. I see that it's outside the lines, I'm not that dumb. With the other colours, I'll make it in the line. Color in the lip area and try your best to stay in lines, but it doesn't really matter if you get outside the lines. Then do the base skin through the whole head. It should look like this, or something close. Make sure to use the appropriate size brush to get the best effect.

As you can tell I added a few other things like a nose shadow, eyebrows and ear shadow things I guess. I'd tell you how to do everything, but it's really your preference.

Now onto hair! For this you'll need to choose another colour and get to the first size brush (the smallest one). Do a bald head with spots to frame the face. Also start to form the face muscles. Mine looks like this.

Here I've added detail like muscles, a vein, very bad bald spots and pointed the ears in different directions.

Now I've thickened the face and added neck muscles. Next, I'll add a Adam's apple and add my final touches. The closed eyelids are horrible but, I'm sorry, I suck at eyes!

This, my friends is my finished product. After adding olden, naturey clothes, adding a thicker neck and fixing a few things, I have a ogre! Hopefully you guys can see a partial resemblance from Shrek to that. It's not supposed to be Shrek but . . .

~ Brianna


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