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A Spooktacular Interview

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Every year during the fall you slowly notice pumpkins appearing on doorsteps, the leaves changing colors, and your pantry becomes full of candy. This time of year is many people's favorite holiday, Halloween. I thought it would be interesting to hear some serious and not-so serious thoughts on this spooky holiday. I've gathered some of our fellow Whyvillians to answer some questions on this wonderful holiday. Let's take a look!

DahCutie: Do you know anything about the origins behind Halloween?

dnomla: Halloween's origins go back to a Celtic festival known as Samhain. The people who inhabited Ireland, the United Kingdom, and other parts of Europe would celebrate the first day of November, which marked the beginning of winter and a new year. The Celtic people believed that on the night of October 31st, spirits would be able to return to the world of the living. Thus, people would dress up in costumes and masks so that evil spirits would mistaken the living as dead. Voila, All Hallows' Eve!
jts2000: I am not sure if this is true, but I've been told that people began dressing up to scare away the devil because he was believed to come out or something along those lines.
smile255: No, I don't think I've been told about it.
MintClean: No, I don't really know where it originated from!
coyotenon: Vaguely! November 1st was named All Saints Day (also known as All Hallows.) This was a religious day to honor the saints or people who died for religion. The night before All Hallows was called Hallows Eve, which we know as Halloween. Then I remember something about Europeans believing the spirits of the dead visited on Halloween.

Fun Fact: Halloween is known as All Hallow's Eve.

DahCutie: What is your most exciting memory from celebrating Halloween?

dnomla: When I was a kid, my aunt and grandmother took me to a pumpkin patch. At the pumpkin patch there was a petting zoo, I was able to ride the emu around the patch and was gifted a basket of mini pumpkins and gourds afterwards.
jts2000: Dressing up is probably the best memory. Specifically, when I was 11, I dressed as a girl and many people actually believed I was a girl. It was funny when I knocked on someone's door and the woman who answered called her kid and said, "give this young lady some candy."
smile255: Maybe when my sister first went trick or treating with her friends, so it was just me and my mom together.
MintClean: My most favorite and thrilling memory is when I went to a fright night at the local fair, and I was really scared! At the time, I was extremely nervous but as I recall it now, I always laugh at my expressions.
coyotenon: When I was in grade 11 (I was in a film school) and we were known for throwing ALL OUT Halloween haunted houses. I remember scaring so many people and creating this terrifying haunted house, it was so memorable! I never got a chance to go through it though, I had to work the entire night. But it was a lot of fun!

DahCutie: What is the most creative costume you have seen?

dnomla: A potted plant. A potted plant with a Chia Pet dog.
jts2000: I've seen some of those costumes that are black but light up and it looks like floating lights, which I think is pretty cool.
smile255: Hm, I personally thought a genie (I was one) was pretty creative.
MintClean: The most creative costume I've witnessed would have to be my friend's impression of a steampunk beauty. She used every day household items and turned it into a creative look!
coyotenon: My friend dressed up as a zombie carrot and carried around a sign that said "Eat your carrots, before they eat you!"

DahCutie: Would you rather trick or treat or go to a costume party, why?

dnomla: I'm rather old to be going trick-or-treating anymore, though I'm glad to be the one giving out the candy. Oh, how the tables turned! Costume parties call for me now, with their candied drinks, blood and gore, and colourful food.
jts2000: Trick or treat. It's just a tradition and the effects of trick or treating last longer than a costume party. The candy lasts a couple months usually.
smile255: I would rather Trick or Treat. It's more fun, to me because at dances the music makes my stomach and head hurt from the vibrations and it's boring to stand, talk (yell over the people because the music is too loud) and maybe dance. Trick or treating you get to walk around for a hour or three, get candy and after walking , eat that candy. Also you get to dress up, which can be fun.
MintClean: I'd rather go to a costume party. Where I used to go trick or treating there were very few houses, and the ones that were there were spread far apart. That meant less candy and more walking! A costume party would probably consist of treats, food, and people. I'd be able to marvel at a friend's costume better.
coyotenon: Costume party! I am 19 so I feel like I'm a tad too old for trick or treating.

DahCutie: What do you plan on doing for Halloween this year?

dnomla: This Halloween I'm planning on handing out candy until 9pm, then off to a costume party until midnight.
jts2000: I am going to dress as a creepy clown most likely and trick-or-treat with a couple of friends.
smile255: Yes
MintClean: I plan on trick or treating (for my last time, 16 is pretty old to be doing it anyway,) and right after hosting a party.
coyotenon: Either going to a university costume party or going to club costume parties in my home town!

Dahcutie: Why do you think Halloween has become such a popular holiday?

dnomla: Dressing up, eating candy, playing pranks, and parting are probably the most popular reasons I can think of. It's not very common to: dress up in a hotdog costume in public without being judged, go to a stranger's house and ask for candy, scare a stranger without getting scolded, or doing all the previously listed at a party.
jts2000: Probably just because it's fun and an important tradition to many people. Kids love it and it's a great opportunity to get in the house and get some free candy.
smile255: Because of social media and kids want candy. I swear, there are so many craft, frugal people in the world. If you just go on Pinterest there are so many cheap, easy and do able DIYs, it's great.
MintClean: I feel that Halloween is such a popular holiday because it gives people a chance to dress and act like someone else for a change. Plus, sweets are involved! I gives those folks who love scary ideas a day for thrills.
coyotenon: I feel like people enjoy it so much because its nice to be someone totally different than yourself, even for just a night.

I want to thank all of the people I interviewed for participating! It's interesting to hear all these different ideas, and see how people from all around celebrate this holiday.


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