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Guess That Picture

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Hey! I will be doing a game every week in October, which is like the typical game zoomed pictures. This game is similar with a bit of a difference. I will put two zoomed in photos one.

A photo of a straw, with another photo of a berry.
What is it?
A strawberry!


This week, I will have 2 rounds. Typically you will get 25,000 clams for answering both. I will give this to the first guess who's correct. You were first but got it incorrect? I will give you 5-10k for trying! Most likely I will make the hardest one at the end of October, and the winner will get 100,000 clams!

How to Answer?

Have the answer? First, don't post it! Send your answer for Round 1, and Round 2 with the subject, "Answers"! I am looking forward to seeing your guesses!

Let's get started! Round 1!

Hint: This is a flavored food. It was introduced on commercials around the globe with 2 others, and now are in most stores today.

Round 2

Hint: This is one of the nick names a for a furry friend. These furball's are mostly found, stray, or family pet. I had a family of these as strays! They were mean!

Thank you for participating in this weeks, "Guess That Picture!"! Remember to y-mail your answers to me! The winners will be announced on BBS when all the answers are correct!

(Have a idea for next weeks Guess That Picture? Y-mail your idea to me and it will be featured in the next one, along with 10k!)



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