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Don't Ever Address the Hearse

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Author's Note: This interview is definitely years old, but very much finished and why waste a perfectly good article?

Death is a very scary topic for me. I've watched my mom practically die, so I know what it'll be like when her time, and all of our times, come. It's pretty frightening, and it's hard to understand. I know that for the longest time, I was so clueless as to what made my dog, my grandpa, and my friends leave my life for good, when I did nothing wrong. It's hard to explain to others, you'd just have to see it from my eyes. Frankly, death is my biggest fear. Not for myself, but for my family. I know that everyone will endure this painful experience, and I can only hope that you'll have a good support system behind you to get you through that tough time.

There is a subject that some people love to talk about, and others find revolting. A subject that has been kept from children all around the world, but why? Well, my reasoning is of the opposite. I think everybody should know what it's about, because believe it or not, it's going to happen to not only you, but everyone else. One subject that lies in the back of many minds . . . death.

Some people believe that when you die you are flown to heaven, and others believe you will be damned to hell. Another theory is that you'll be reincarnated, or created once more. I do not know what I believe in yet, so I asked other Whyvillians about their true thoughts on death.

Anonymous Author: What is your opinion on death?

PAlNTING: Death can really change people. It's, a lot of the time, unexpected. You can't really visualize how someone could feel about it until after it happens to somebody you know. It's really just a numb feeling at first, for me anyway. But if you feel that way at the beginning, then eventually all the built up sadness will come out in bits and pieces. It's definitely an upsetting thing.
xdxdxdxdx: I find it very scary. It happens to everyone of course, but it's really scary to know it can happen to you or people you love at any time, in any way. It's probably one of my biggest fears, watching my loved ones die.
Tanibanin: A lot of people are afraid to die, but I think that once you've lived your life and done everything that you wanted to do, you'll be ready to die. I also believe that a lot of the fear comes from the fear of the rest of your life. My opinion on death is that it is nothing to be afraid of; you'll die when your reason for being on Earth is completed.

These answers are frustratingly truthful. No one wants to hear that they're dying, but that's a way of life. Or, eh, death.

I've chosen other Whyvillians to ask multiple questions to, hence the following.

Anonymous Author: Has anyone close to you died before? And if so, how did you feel?

NotANo0b: No, but both my grampas died before I was born. I feel kinda sad I never got to meet them. Foolalada: Yes, people have died around me a lot, but I was upset and emotionless.
catgoRAWR: My grandmother died four years ago, and then a year and half ago one of my best friends committed suicide. It's definitely not an easy thing to deal with. I was a wreck for weeks when my friend died. But eventually you have to learn to deal.

Anonymous Author: What do you think about death?

LunaLolli: I think it is a tragedy for the people closest to you, but it is your own choice to decide if it will be bad or not. (Afterlife)
NotANo0b: Death is something that's inexplicable. It can be a blessing at times.
Foolalada: I think about death is a way of saying it's your time to move on from the world.
catgoRAWR: I think it's a scary thing. I mean, no one knows what's going to happen when you die, and everyone fears the unknown at least a little bit. But it's one of those things that you're going to have to deal with at some point, and it's best not to think about it too much.

Anonymous Author: If you were given one day to live, how would you feel?

LunaLolli: I would feel honored to be accepted into God's paradise the very next day. I'd probably spend the whole day with my friends and family, loving them & reassuring them that everything will be alright.
NotANo0b: I'd feel frantic, trying to do as many things as possible.
Foolalada: To be honest, I don't know how I would feel if I was given a day to live but probably like confused I guess.
catgoRAWR: I'd be absolutely terrified. I can't even imagine how I'd deal. I'd probably just lie in my room crying for the entire time.

Anonymous Author: Scared of death? Why (or why not)?

LunaLolli: No, I am not scared of death. Death means that I will be accepted into Heaven (I am a Christian). Heaven is a beautiful paradise where there is no pain, sadness, or fury. It's beyond your imagination.
NotANo0b: No, because I've been a good person. I know I'll go to heaven.
Foolalada: I'm scared and not scared of it for the fact that it can come randomly when you don't realize it and for the fact that it happens.
catgoRAWR: Absolutely. Like I said, I think everyone's at least a little afraid of dying. It's not one of those things that I let ruin my life though. I don't not do things because they may be a little dangerous.

Anonymous Author: Death. What does that make you think of?

LunaLolli: It makes me think of Heaven and, well . . . the opposite of Heaven.
NotANo0b: The color gray. I don't know why. The color gray just seems so dull.
Foolalada: Death, it makes me think of a time when everything just stops . . . and you try to focus on who died . . . then move on but not forget them.
catgoRAWR: My first thought was of dementors, but that doesn't make much sense. I think it's really just sadness, and grief. Two of the most prominent feelings I have when someone dies.

When you die, some people believe that there is no ending, and some people believe that there is just nothing. Your lifeless body is just there, and that's that. No one will ever know until the time comes.

Theories are just that: theories.


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