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The Classy French Twist

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Hi there, people! Have you ever heard of the french twist? That's a pastry right? Well, yes, but it's also a super sassy and elegant updo. And guess what? It's easy to do on your own hair! All you need are a few hair grips (bobby pins), a hairbrush, shoulderlength to long hair, a rat-tail comb and a flower. The flower's optional.

So, start by brushing your hair, making sure it is COMPLETELY free of tangles. This hairstyle works best on straight hair, but if you've got crazy curly hair, try it anyways. A bit of texture never hurt anyone. Once your hair is knot-free, part your hair. A dramatic side part is my favourite. Find your pupil - don't stab yourself! - and with a rat-tail comb draw a line straight up above it. Comb the hair either side and make your part as straight as possible.

Now, take a chunk of hair at the front of your head which is about two to three inches wide and brush it out. Holding the hair firmly, begin to twist it towards your face. Make your way along your hairline, adding more hair as you go. Stop picking up hair when you reach your ear, but continue to twist. Pin it at the back of your head.

Smooth the hair on the side of your head without the twist. Eliminate any bumps and gather the rest of your hair into a low ponyail at the nape of your neck.

Begin to twist your hair, slowly bringing it upwards until you're twisting with your hands above your head.

Continue to twist the hair and wrap it around itself in a small bun at the very top of the twist. At thid point, you'll need to use hairgrips. To make the twist more secure, criss-cross the pins over. Add pins along the twist, wherever it feels lose.

Et voila! There you go! If you're feeling fancy, add a flower or two around the bun. You can quite easily wear this hairstyle anywhere; the office, school, prom, etc. Anything glitzy will make it ideal for a party and flowers add a romantic touch. Here's the finished look:


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