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Warning: Just a note that these are written to depict a visual experience of my dreams, please be advised that it may be confusing at some points.

Some say dreams unleash certain energies we can't conquer during the day. It is said that we dream about twenty minutes before we wake up, which means our mind is racing at a fast speed. Let's step inside my dream for a moment.

XHIBIT: Entry One

Everything is black. My heart is black. Everything I see is darkness with no source of light. Shift. I'm in my bedroom. It's bright, the sun is shining, and the air is fresh. I look up out of my window, there I see a man, standing still, eyes piercing my soul. He stands still but I know he's not frozen. He starts to grin. I lower my body below the window. I rise again and look out of the window. The man still. His eyes glistening. They're starting to change. His eyes are dark. His cheekbones begin to move and his form beings to change. I lower my body below the window. One last time, I rise up and look out the window. The man is two inches from my face. He looks right at me, his eyes are calm. Suddenly, he changes into a creature. His eyes are black, his cheekbones are pointed and his teeth are fangs. My heart is pounding. I scream and everything fades to a crystal darkness.

I lay in my bed, wondering why this happened to me. A close friend lays beside me. I tell her about my dream. How he looked, how I felt. It occurred to me it was a familiar face. I rise to look out my window. A woman stands below. She wears white and gives off a peaceful energy. I look down from the window. I rise up again and she begins to elevate from the floor. She has wings and she enters my room. I feel safe.

XHIBIT: Entry Two

A woman tells me to come her way. Confused. She tells me she needs my help to find some answers. Shift. I lay on the grass in my backyard. The sun is shining and it is a wonderful day. I look up and see water flowing through the fence. It looks like a flood. Suddenly the ground becomes a river. The water flows into my house. It cascades down the stairs. Shift. My bedroom. Two bunk beds that reach to the ceiling. The beds connect to a bathtub. It's small. We have to assemble this bath. The water runs down through the drain but its clogged. I see some friends there and they are helping me assemble this bath. Shift.

I'm on a crowded train. A streetcar perhaps. Suddenly there is a crash and there is a couple people injured. We exit the train and enter what seems to be a large empty sand meadow. There are homes across the small lake that separates them from the meadow. We stand on a large sandhill and I start to weep. So much pain and sorrow. I cry aggressively as if I have lost someone dear to my heart. The sand is getting all over me. Suddenly I see fire. We are surrounded by a pit. There is no where to go. The residents of the homes across the lake come to investigate. They seem strange. Something tells me they're after us. Shift.

I'm awake now.


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