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In school, I tend to be really good at persuasive writing. I thought I should show all of you a piece of writing I made, which is a persuasive essay, that I got roughly a 97% grade on (I'm in grade 7.) The topic for my essay is that elementary students deserve P.E. classes every day. It took quite a bit of research to get my points and reasons, so I was done this essay in about 1-2 days (I'm quite fast at typing, and this was done on a computer.)

Elementary Students Deserve P.E. Classes Every Day
By HeyMaddeh

The bell rings to start class, and all the students rush inside. They are all so excited to be having their favorite class, P.E. As they go to line up to head to P.E, they all think: Elementary students deserve P.E classes every day, because it's good for you, it's fun, and it encourages healthy acts outside of school.

First of all, P.E is good for you. It's good for you because P.E counts as exercise which makes you lose weight. Also, you can earn social skills because you can socialize with friends by doing partner/group activities together, or just by socializing while doing other P.E-related things. Lastly, P.E's good for you because it makes you healthier and more flexible.

Additionally, P.E class is fun. It's fun because you can socialize with friends. Also, it's fun because it feels good knowing you're getting healthier. You can also show and tell your friends how fit you are from participating!

Finally, P.E class encourages healthy P.E-related acts outside of school. P.E persuades you to believe it's fun, making you want to do those acts outside of school. Also, people who participate in P.E-related things tend to be fit, which persuades us that if we participate like them and get that amount of exercise outside of school, you can be fit like that too! Did you know that people who participate in these healthy acts outside of school tend to be persuasive and encouraging about these healthy acts?

In conclusion, students should receive P.E class every day. It's good for you, it's fun, and it encourages you to do those healthy acts outside of school; Therefore, stay healthy and have fun!


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