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More Milk Day Memories

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On January 10th, 2015, citizens of Whyville celebrated National Milk Day for the second year in a row. Despite National Milk Day formally being on Sunday, January 11th, the people of Whyville were still happy to take part in all of the festivities happening. This year, the turnout was certainly much bigger than last year, with the majority of users sporting some form of cow attire! Here are some Milk Day costumes worn by MadamTaz, Nico511, Elision, Indiana18, and LdyNatNat:

This year, the day started off with an announcement in the Food & Nutrition forum, encouraging users to discuss their favorite milk products. The thread proved to be a success, with people saying what their favorite products were with some questionably funny answers such as "steak". The thread inevitably turned into a debate about the benefits of bagged milk versus milk in cartons. Also in the forums, Whyville citizen Elision started a Cow Hunt contest with a great turnout!

More fun was to be had out in the chatrooms! Towards the beginning of the day, the early-rising cows were seen hanging out in the woods, braving the snow and cold weather.

Over the course of the day, the cows travelled throughout Whyville, growing in numbers as they "moo-ved" along. By mid-afternoon, a fairly large group of cows was spotted grazing in the meadows, looking very cool.

They later moved to the cafeteria, and were delighted to see that the cafeteria was offering cartons of milk!

Afterwards, the herd moved to the dairy section of the grocery store, where they continued to eat milk products to their hearts' desires, while discussing some milk products that they enjoyed. Unfortunately, Whyville citizen Bibi4evr got confused by xoxkitkat and Jts2000's discussion about vanilla chai, and attempted to drink a chair. We can ensure you, however, that Bibi4evr did not suffer any long-term injuries from the incident and has been sent over from the cow hospital with only a prescription of a glass a milk a day to settle her four stomachs after ingesting that chair.

Later in the evening, when it became too dark for the cows to play outside, a cow roleplay game arose in the forums, with many cows and non-cows alike participating.

Overall, the day was a huge success and everyone appeared to have a lot of fun. Unfortunately, many of the cows were particularly gluttonous with their Milk Day eating and will be waking up with a bit of a sore stomach the next day.

Happy National Milk Day to everyone on Whyville, and we hope that you will join us for more milk-related festivities in 2016!


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