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Life of a Recent Grad

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So, this is the life of a recent grad!
Valedictorian looking at job ads
There once was a time when I felt quite proud
Before the job market was going through a drought
Straight A student, now all I feel is doubt
The smile on my face has turned into a pout
A dark cloud is hanging over my head
I'm starting to feel like I have been misled

I've been to all the networking events
Handed out business cards and gave my two cents
Showed them I was in the Top 1%
All the skills that my achievements represent
I've tried so hard to make myself stand out
But in recruiters' eyes, I'm one in the crowd
Recruiters look past me like I'm a ghost
They don't see the internships I have to show

When I think of the last four years I spent
All the tuition money that the bank lent
The interest rate of twenty percent
I stop feeling hopeful and start to resent
My university and my parents
Because they made me feel over confident
That if I worked hard and got a degree
My dream job would land at my feet, guaranteed

This is not where I envisioned myself
Working a part-time, low wage job stocking shelves
I try so hard to remain ambitious
But I've become a little superstitious
And I've become overly religious
I just cross my fingers and I pray to God
That someone in my field gives me a shot
And I get a permanent, full-time job


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