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Recycling Mason Jars

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My parents do a lot of canning so we have mason jars laying around everywhere. The other day Kdreamer and I decided to put the idle jars to use. We didn't really have any plans for them, but once we got our final product I was so happy with it! If I'd known how well these would have turned out I would have taken a step by step picture, but I do have a final product picture. But don't worry, this project is fairly easy!

Here's what you need:

1) Mason Jars - You just need one but once you do one you'll want to do more. Make sure your jars have lids.
2) Liquid Glue - You'll want glue that dries clear.
3) Glitter - Any color(s) will do!
4) Paint brush that can be ruined.

Step 1

Put glue on the paint brush and paint it onto the sides. Put a thick even coat throughout the whole jar.

Step 2

Pour glitter the glitter into the jar. Put the lid on and shake.

Step 3

Check for glitterless spots. If you see some you either need to add more glitter or add more glue.

Step 4

Let it sit for about 30 minutes until it dries.

You now have a super cute glittery jar! Now what? Now you can take it even a step further by accessorizing it and finding a use for it. As you can see below, I took some ribbon and wrapped it around the neck of the jar. Then I took some scrapbooking flowers and layered them onto the ribbon.

The jars can be used for many things. I personally use them for makeup brush holders. I bought crushed shells for one and little pearls for the other and it works perfectly! Let me know if you try this out and what you use them for! Happy crafting!


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