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Be Thankful

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I am not one to boast about the few good deeds I've received or done, but this one I just have to share. I'm not sure how widespread this new so called "challenge" is, but in my town it's huge! It's called "Pay it Forward". I've seen different versions and I've gotten called into doing it multiple times. No matter what the version, the same general idea is doing good to others.

I got my drivers license last month and I went to Taco Bell. I ordered my regular order which costed about 7 dollars. The cashier told me that the last person there gave 5 dollars to the cashier and told him to take it off the order. I was so happy I got my whole meal for only 2 dollars. He also payed for cinnamon twists. I looked around and no one was in there so I still to this day have no idea who it was. I was then given a penny from the cashier. He said that I had to pay it forward and do a good deed to anyone at anytime and pass on the penny.

Recently my dad and I traveled to Columbus, Ohio which is a many hours from where we live. My dad had to go there for business and I just wanted to travel along because I love looking at the tall buildings there. I don't know very much about cities, but I assume they all have homeless people. Columbus had lots of homeless and it's so heartbreaking. It's super cold in Ohio and a lot of the homeless were wearing just little spring jackets. we stopped at Mcdonalds in Columbus once my dad was done working. The drive through line was outrageously long so we went inside to order. We were just about to pay when a homeless man walked in with his cup of money he earned for the day. It looked like he had about 20 dollars in 1 dollar bills. He handed us a penny and said he'd take 5 dollars off our bill if we too would continue to pay it forward. I was astonished that "Pay it Forward" had reached Columbus and that a homeless person was paying for our meal. He could have easily kept that money to save for better clothes or food for himself. After he and my dad talked for a while and we thanked him graciously we walked back to our car. My dad and I complained about the crazy cold. The day before it had been -25 so we didn't go anywhere. Then I realized how foolish we sounded. Some homeless guy who walks the streets in that crazy weather just bought us a meal, and I was complaining about the cold.

Each one of you, no matter your circumstances are very well off. If you weren't you most likely wouldn't be on the Internet right now on your computer in a house with heat (or A/C for you lucky people down south) and clothes on your back. I'm not a perfect person. I know I complain day to day about the weather, not having the latest gaming station, not having the coolest clothes. Be thankful that our everyday needs are met, and that our wants are met even though we don't need them!

Author's Note: Keep the Pay it Forward going! You don't have to receive it to do it! All you need is a penny. You don't need money to do this. You can just tell someone you're thinking about them, give someone something for free, offer to shovel someone's driveway, mow their lawn, the options are endless! I challenge you all to PAY IT FORWARD and BE THANKFUL!


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