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Well, I'm pretty sure that all of you Times readers have noticed that we are lacking in articles. So few are sent that pretty often, AMae has to push back the publsihing date! This means we need to write - all of us! Don't know what to write about? Well, I've compiled a list of possible ideas for articles. Read on to be inspired!


- Dos and Don'ts.
- How to Style (choose and item of clothing, say how best it is styles and such) Polyvore is good for making fashion collages.
- Look at what the celebrities wore and what's your opinion on it?
- Perhaps write a history of a fashion item (where did it first originate, when/where/how did it become popular). The jeans, or denim as a fabric, might be a good choice.


- What's your opinion on music? Do you like it? Favourite genre? + reasons why
- Why don't we like singing in front of others? Why do we get embarrassed?
- Do you play an instrument? Tell us about it, with pictures if possible.
- What do you use music for? Therapy? Motivation?
- Choose the lyrics of your favourite song. Take a look at them and try to discover what they really mean. It does not have to be a correct interpretation, because it's how you see it. Go through the lyrics, line by line, and give your interpretation. A lot of pop songs are quite shallow, so choose wisely, or your article will be pretty short!
- An article on how music has changed and developed, with names and dates.


- Have you discovered a new, weird sport? Can you tell us where it comes from and if you have ever played it?
- What's your favourite sport? Why? When did you first start to like it?
- A look at how sport has evolved through the years. Names and place details.


- Why is it important to have (insert vitamin/mineral/food thing here) in our diet? Talk about its effects on the body when the body is lacking in it or when the body has enough of it.
- Why should we exercise? take a look at how exercise can help our body. Mention the extremes: over and under exercising and their possible implications.
- Talk about the 'ideal body shape'. What is it? What is your opinion on it? Is it achieveable? Are there any risks? How many people currently have this 'ideal body shape'?
- Eating disorders. What are they? What do we do if we think our friend has one? How can you recover? How long is recovery. If possible, a message from a survivor might be useful.


- A Whyvillian in the Spotlight article. We haven't had one of these for ages and it's a great way of improving self-esteem. Is there someone on Whyville who you think deserves to have an article written about them? Write one. Try to make it as good as you can, because once one article about them is written, people will often not write another about them. Ask their friends about them. What do they like/dislike? When were they born? Which county/state do they live in? Why do you think they deserve the article?
- Write about a person you admire. They don't have to be famous. Write about why you admire them, if you've ever met them and also when you started to admire them. Is there anything that wouldn't have happened if they weren't your role model.
- Remember someone who passed on. Talk about their life and what you most remember about them.


- Has there been a new breakthrough in scientific technology? Share all the details!
- Ebola. What is it? Does it pose a threat to us? Where did it start and what is the cause? What do you think should be done about it? What is being done about it?
- What have you learned in science class? Can you summarise it?


- A book review! Write a short paragraph about what it's about (limit the spoilers, please!) then include what you think about it. Favourite character?
- Your opinion on the oxford comma (the comma which is optional in a list. The comma before the 'and': I bought carrots, potatoes, and parsley.)

Interview/debate topics:

- Bullying.
- Apostrophes - should they be abolished? Have equal sides, with perhaps some people in the middle. This would work well as a debate.
- Novel - is it a good thing or a bad thing?
- Fashion. Should we worry about what we wear? There's a Bible quote about this that you could include, even if you're not Christian.
- Take any controversial quote (it needs to be suitable for the range of ages reading the times) and interview whyvillians about what they think about it.

Well, now you have absolutely no excuses! Happy writing, folks!


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