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The Healing Power of Music

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When you listen to music, how do you feel? What emotions does that piece bring to you?

Whenever I'm stressed, or I'm angry or I'm sad, I stand at my keyboard and thump out a tune. Or I thump out the chords to one of my songs and sing as loudly as I can. I find solace in music. In my spare time, I write songs. I must've written at least three which are half-way decent. Music is my favourite way to express myself - I can pour all of my emotions into a song. To further my abilities, I am teaching myself guitar, keyboard/piano, ukulele and various woodwind instruments. I have been taught to play a flute. Being able to play multiple musical instruments seems to compare to what speaking multiple languages would be like. It opens up a whole new world. A world in which you get to express the real you.

I've noticed that music speaks to the soul. Words, even if they're spoken well, do not impact us as deeply as music can. I guess I'm sort of an outcast; people think I'm weird because I don't follow what everyone else does. I guess they'd be right. But my dream is to use music to change their minds - to make them see that there's more to me than meets the eye. To show them that, contrary to popular thought, I DO have feelings too. If I can pour all of that into a song - a good, catchy song - then I might influence their perspective. Here's a chorus of a song I'm currently working on:

Like the birds,
We will fly,
Through the dark,
Of the night.
We'll spread our wings and soar.
We want much more,
Than this little life,
So let's fly, fly, fly,
Somewhere far away from here . . .

Music is much more than words, however. The instruments can convey emotion as well - better? - than our voices can. Instruments can be played in different ways, affecting each of us in our thinking. If you can't create music, listening to music is also satisfying. Since I started writing my own music about a year ago, I've noticed a change - several changes - in the way I think and act. Music has given me something to live for. It's given me a goal. It's given me a soul. I see things in new lights. I hear music differently. I feel more human. I am pretty certain that music has healing capabilities. It can change lives. Will your life be the next to change? Or will you change someone else's?

Who knows?


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