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How to Fill in Your Brow

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Hey guys! Today I'm going to show you guys how to fill in your eyebrows. Eyebrows are a key ingredient to making your all over makeup look put together. They are essential in framing the face.

In this tutorial I used the Anastasia dip brow pomade in blonde, and the elf angled eyeliner brush.

Ok so first you'll need to outline the top and bottom of your brow with whichever product you decide to use.

Next go ahead and fill in the rest of your brow starting at the end tail of your brow working the product forward so that the end is darker and has the most product and that the beginning is lighter using less product.

Now you can take a spooly if you like and run it through the beginning of your brow to give it more of an ombre like fade. Here is a picture of a spooly incase you don't know.

​(Mine needs to be washed so ignore its gross condition, LOL)

Next you can take a concealer and a small stiff brush to "carve out" your brows which basically just means outlining them to get rid of and mishaps and make them look neater and cleaner.

After that you should apply a clear mascara or brow gel to your brows to keep them in place all day.

​This is the final result of my eyebrows after finishing the rest of my makeup.

With these steps you can achieve the perfect brows! I hope you enjoyed, and let me know if you'd like me to do a tutorial on the eye look in my last picture. ​


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