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2014 Times Awards Nominees

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Hi everyone,

I apologize for the delay on getting these out this year. I am excited to share with you the nominees for the 2014 Times Awards. We had 570 articles published last year. Since the Times was started we have published over 14,000 articles. That's an amazing accomplishment. As always, I am proud of each and every one of our writers.

So here we go! Here are the nominees for this year's Times Awards! Please make sure to read each article before voting.

Article of the Year

Wearing the Hijab - Honeybbz9
My Chicken and I - MadamTaz
Our Reality - N00RA
Naked Mole Rats: The Forerunner of Cancer Treatment - Bibi4evr
Accidental Experiment: Friendless and Social Media - booksRus
Women in Science: What's the Issue? -Pamelia
Inside the Internship - Jillith
The Blood Moon's Journey - Kittieme
A Meaningless Puzzle Piece - 0chenz0
Staying A Healthy Weight for Guys - Zebranerd

Contribution to the Times


Science Chicago Award

The Forer Effect - Delp
Water: Too Little of Much - Bibi4evr
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch - iSprig
Women in Science: What's the Issue? - Pamelia
Trouble With Colors - Jillith

Interview of the Year

Welcome to the New Year - DahCutie
Bagged Milk: Udderly Debatable - Xoxkitkat and Bibi4evr
Is That Seriously on TV? - Jts2000
Introspective Challenge - Bibi4evr
Yay or Nay? - Business4

Review of the Year

Nickelodeon Versus Disney Channel - hashtagno
A Growing Collection: Baby - redhottay
Series Review: The Mortal Instruments - Xoxkitkat
Book Review: Outliers by Malcom Gladwell - Jojokjk2
Delirium - MeBeLizzi

Help Article of the Year

Loving Your Body - Delp
Senior Survival Guide - Bibi4evr
How to Make a Resume - MeBeLizzi
DIY: Disney Costumes - DahCutie
My Drawing Process - ocean10kv

The Poetry Prize

Raindrops - EcoGeek
Love Finds You - Xoxkitkat
The Beauty of Islam - Honeybbz9
Be Alright - Jillith
Measurements - ZebraNerd
Oak Tree - Rex13
Three Words - MeBeLizzi
Let Go - autumnlov
422 Days - Kittieme
Live Without Any Regrets - holiday50

The Prose Prize

Torn Between War - saku3
The Short-Lived Life of Lennly Slaight - redhottay
Once Upon a Star - autumnlov
He Plead Guilty on All Accounts - Kittieme
Of Paupers and Angels - bopitybop

Art Achievement

Snow Leopard - sctupelo
Down With Webster - ocean10kv
Lana Del Ray - redhottay
2Pac - karma1013
Orangutan - Band7Geek
Prairie Girl - Barbie94
Solarized Lennon - nico511
Mother Nature - 1twilover
Depth of Field - 7stars
Baking with Kirsten: Sugar Work - kmg333

Fashion Article of the Year

Nailed It! - Xoxkitkat
Indian Clothes: A Look Into My Closet - Bibi4evr
Make Me Over - Honeybbz9
Easy and Affordable Red Lip Tutorial - Mangorox
The Classy French Twist - MadamTaz
Widening and Brightening Eyes - Delp

Congratulations all of our nominees. Look for voting to begin on the Front Page soon. The Awards Ceremony will be on Sunday, March 1st at 4pm WhyTime in the Greek Theater. See you there!


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