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Super Bowl Commercials

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Last night was the big night! There was this game on TV that I guess some people were watching . . . but everyone was really watching the commercials, right?! In all seriousness, the Super Bowl is the biggest night of the year not just for the athletes, but also for the advertisers. It is their Oscars, Wimbledon, Presidential Election . . . pretty much take any big, important event, and that is what the Super Bowl is to them.

Many of you know that in my full-time job outside of Whyville, I work as a Producer for an advertising agency. I have made commercials for some very well-known brands, and in fact, had two commercials air last night. It was a proud moment. I know a lot of us have very strong opinions about the commercials from last night, so I wanted to share my expert opinion!

It is important to note that there are a lot of under 21 citizens on Whyville. Obviously the Super Bowl is full of commercials that may be deemed inappropriate for that audience. With that in mind, remember that in the United States, the legal drinking age is 21. So while there are many memorable beer commercials that aired last night, I will not be discussing them in this article.

Doritos "Middle Seat"


How many of you have been on a plane with a great window or aisle seat, with the middle seat open next to you, just waiting to see if anyone is going to sit beside you? This ad is so relatable! We all secretly hope that no one is going to sit there, but if someone does, we always hope it is the most desirable option. That's what this young man is thinking, only to have it backfire in a super funny way!

Always "Like a Girl"


This is one of my favorites of the night. What do you think of when you hear, "Throw like a girl."? Or, "Run like a girl."? It probably isn't a very flattering image. This commercial reveals certain negative stereotypes we often hold for "like a girl". The hope is that we can educate young girls to change that thinking, and make doing something "like a girl" into a positive thing. A very strong and uplifting message.

Snickers "Brady Bunch"


This personally was one of my least favorite commercials last night. I am bored of the premise and while "The Brady Bunch" is a classic show, it is certainly not of much pop culture significance any more. It felt dated and out of touch. I appreciate the acting, and the technology to pull this off, but I think Snickers can improve next year.

Coca Cola "Make it Happy"


This is another one of my favorites. This commercial takes negative attitudes and opinions, and turns them into uplifting messages of support. We have all felt bullied, angry, or unsupported at one time or another. What Coca Cola does is use their product as an engine of good-will, by bringing happiness to everyone. The world is what we make of it. Very true, and very well-done.

McDonald's "Pay With Lovin'"


This is another commercial about spreading the love. McDonald's is selecting random customers to "pay with lovin'" through February 14th. Acts such as a group hug, or calling your mother to tell her you love her, will pay for your meal. It is an interesting concept, and I am curious to know if it helps with their sales during the time this is running. The commercial itself is nicely done using real customers who find out they have been selected for this promotion. Their reactions are genuine and are sure to make you smile.

Dove "Daddy"


This commercial made me cry! I just had a son last year, so I can really relate to this. I love seeing my husband interact with our son, who is almost saying "dada". It is the simple moments, between a father and child, that add up to a lasting and loving relationship. There is so much to being a good father, but in the end, just loving and supporting your child is the most important. Kuddos to Dove for recognizing and supporting fathers.

Dodge "Wisdom"

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpRvMT9aUb0 (warning, a bit of language in this one)

Dodge is turning 100 this year. This commercial takes people who are 100 (or close to it) giving words of wisdom that they have learned throughout their lives. It starts off sweet with advice such as "live for now". Then it turns edgy, and while Dodge showcases it's super sporty Challenger, the century-old advice-givers change their tune as well. It's funny and unexpected.

There were definitely a lot more commercials to review. This is just a small sampling. My biggest take-away from this year's commercials is that the shift has gone from being funny to serious. Perhaps that is because how a lot of people feel about the current state of the world. We have a lot of problems that need fixing. And it is hard to be light-hearted and funny when surrounded by hardship, sadness and pain. However, I feel that it is during tough times that we need to be reminded that we can laugh and smile. Next year, I hope there are more funny commercials mixed in with the serious.

Which commercial was your favorite? What do you hope to see more or less of next year? Share your thoughts in the BBS.


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